The modern education system is a disaster.

Your child deserves better.

For best results, you must inspire passion in the learner; aspiration triumphs injunction. Your own experience will tell you that Connor Boyack's insight is the right path to travel. Read this text closely and take its principles to heart.

John Taylor Gatto, from the book's foreword

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Oliver DeMille New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder of Thomas Jefferson Education

    Brilliant! This book is a blueprint for the education of the future. Unlike the old-style conveyor belt model of schooling, Boyack outlines the type of education that will prepare today's students for success in the 21st century global economy! Every parent should read this—and apply it.

  • avatar Seth Godin Bestselling author and marketing guru

    This is a devastating indictment of a system most of us have taken for granted. It’s filled with common sense, and every parent ought to buy a copy for the teachers they are trusting their children to. Not merely a must read—it’s a must act.

So What's The Book About?

Here's the hard truth: the modern education system is a disaster.

Why do parents subject their children to a process that disregards their interests, ignores their basic humanity, and subjects them to arbitrary mandates and micro-management? Your children deserve better than to be bored learning about subjects they aren’t interested in and frustrated with endless busywork.

There is a better way—one that ensures your child sees learning as a joy and provides you, the parent, with a much less stressful way to educate and empower your son or daughter. In this book, Connor Boyack shares the exciting philosophy and empowering day-to-day steps involved in passion-driven education.

A child’s curiosity and natural desire to learn are like a tiny flame, easily extinguished unless it’s protected and given fuel. This book will help you as a parent both protect that flame of curiosity and supply it with the fuel necessary to make it burn bright throughout your child’s life. Let’s ignite our children’s natural love of learning!

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

Five Things We'll Discuss

  1. What's the problem with schools? Whether public, private, or "home," schooling is structured in a way that has significant negative outcomes for children—academically, psychologically, and emotionally. To understand the solutions, you first need to review these problems.
  2. What's your goal? Too many parents simply send their children to school out of ritual and expectation, without thinking about the end result. Caring parents must ponder the outcomes of education and what they want their children to become. Once goals are established, we can make a plan.
  3. I need solutions! It's easy to point out problems with schooling. It's more important that we review serious and attainable solutions that can help you educate your child and preserve (or restore) their natural love of learning.
  4. What are the alternatives? If schools are inherently problematic and crush a child's curiosity, what can be done? We'll review several differing approaches to education that incorporate some of the solutions listed earlier.
  5. Passion-driven education The best way to educate a child is to speak to them in a language they already understand, using their personal interests as a "hook" to make other subjects interesting and relevant. We'll review some examples and then give you an action plan.

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5-star rating on Amazon with glowing reviews!

About The Author

Connor Boyack is founder and president of Libertas Institute, a free market think tank in Utah. In that capacity, he has spearheaded important policy reforms dealing with education freedom, property rights, civil liberties, transparency, surveillance, and food freedom.

Connor is the author of several books, including the popular Tuttle Twins series that teaches the principles of liberty to young children. Other books include Feardom: How Politicians Exploit Your Emotions and What You Can Do to Stop Them, Latter-day Liberty: A Gospel Approach to Government and Politics and its companion, Latter-day Responsibility: Choosing Liberty through Personal Accountability.

Connor serves on the board of the Utah Home Education Association and helps his wife educate their two children. Visit for more information.

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